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The Banking Scene is an active banking community and network organisation for the financial industry in the Benelux and beyond. It inspires bankers during their journey into a more innovative, agile and better version of its current self. Passionate about banking and related technologies, our mission is to accelerate networking.

We do this by offering an essential platform that connects banking professionals. One that sparks thought-provoking dialogues, both online and offline.

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To live up to customer and societal expectations, banks need to embrace new technologies. But just being digital isn’t good enough. Consumers expect a personal service, a human touch and relevance. Choosing the right path to sustainable relationships is essential.

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We will dive into the first results and the lessons learned from Instant Payments projects, PSD2 and the opening of API environments. How is Open Banking changing the way we pay? What are fintechs inventing to make the customer experience better? Which technologies are changing the way we pay?